Staff Orlando

Shelia Clark

Amanda Stevenor



Shelia Clark has an Associate of Science degree in Medical Assisting from Keizer College and is a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. She has taught phlebotomy at several schools and worked as a phlebotomist at Lab Corp, and in hospital labs in several states. She loves teaching and teaching phlebotomy specifically.

Amanda has an Associates degree in Medical Assisting and Business  Administration. She currently works as a supervisor at Labcorp. She appreciates the opportunity to share her knowledge and practical experience with our students.

Lauren Schlicht


Lauren is the owner of the school and our Director. Her mother always wanted her to be a doctor, but instead focused on engineering and business because “computers didn’t bleed”. She bought the Phlebotomy Learning Center of Denver in 2007 because she was looking for a business that could change people’s lives. She opened the school in Orlando in 2009.